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Dato’ Dr. Salim Cassim


Dato' Salim has been Chairman of Embedded Wireless since its inception. He is a member of Board of Trustees of NSTP Charity Fund. Dato' Salim was formerly ...

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Dr. Rama Shukla

Chief Executive Officer

Dr Shukla joined Embedded Wireless, Inc. as CEO after a lengthy and illustrious career at Intel Corporation, USA. As a silicon valley industry veteran, ...

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Kenneth Margon

Director and Chief Technology Officer

Embedded Wireless co–founder, Margon, comes with more than 24 years of engineering /business experience in telecommunications, wireless technologies, ...

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Tom Mathai

Vice-President, International Business Development

Tom Mathai is one of the founders of Embedded Wireless.He started his first Internet business in 1994 at the age of 19. The company, Caught in the Web based out of Toronto ...

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Faris Cassim


Faris Cassim joined Embedded Wireless as a Director in 2013. Faris has significant experience as a lawyer and financial adviser in merger & acquisitions, and equity ...

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Ginger Ancone

US Operations

Pioneer employee of Embedded Wireless, Ginger has more than 15 years of successfully working with start-ups from the initial inception to commercial deployment ...

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